Romeo And Juliet Costume Design Essay

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Kaitlyn Mabe Professor Cat Gleason Theatre 1100 7 October 2015 Romeo and Juliet Costume Design Romeo and Juliet, one of the most beloved classics in the world, is a story of two young people who fall desperately in love with one another. Unfortunately, their true love for one another proved to be forbidden by both their families. If not for the tragic end, this play may have even been described as a fairy tale. In this production Of Romeo and Juliet, the Missouri Theatre did a magnificent job in recreating the lavishly ornate costumes characteristic of this Renaissance period. From Lady Capulet, to the servants, the eye-catching costumes offered a tantalizing depiction of these characters social status. Lady Capulet’s costume was the most impressive detailed and beautiful, and represented her character and personality the best. The first character that I analyzed in “Romeo and Juliet,” was the young Lady Capulet. She is the wife of the sixty year-old Lord Capulet, and the mother of the young and beautiful Juliet. Lady Capulet has a rather distant and benign relationship with Juliet, treats her as if she is still a child. Her relationship with Lord Capulet is strained as well, as she makes fun of his age in front of others, disrespects him, and acts as if she has authority over him. In contrast to her husband and daughter, Lady Capulet has a rather close relationship with her nephew, Tybalt. Upon finding out about Tybalt’s death, Lady Capulet grieves twice as hard over

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