Romeo And Juliet Essay About Love

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Love Through Shakespeare’s Eyes Questions of love and lust have plagued the story of Romeo and Juliet, a romantic tragedy written by Shakespeare for years. However, the real question would not be whether what the two had was love, but what type of love it was. Romeo and Juliet had a short-lived relationship bursting with young passionate love, despite family quarrels disputing one another’s name. Some say love is purely a chemical reaction in the brain. Others say it is what separates us from love that shows it most, with some believing that love is life’s greatest blessing, never hurting. It is my belief that Romeo and Juliet had a passionate commitment that never hurt, though costing dearly, with obstacles that proved it stronger. Love is everything at times when it is tested by the most obstacles. Romeo displays this when he meets Juliet yet again in the balcony scene. Romeo exhibits this and tells Juliet , “With love’s light wings did I o’erperch these walls; For stony limits cannot hold love out, And what love can do, that…show more content…
Of all of the categories, the love of Romeo and Juliet fits into ludus, a playful, youthful affection and pragma, more mature love. The lovers often flirt with each other, showing ludus to convey their youthful zeal. Romeo often displays this, such as when he says, “How silver sweet sound lovers’ tongues by night , like softest music to attending ears!” (II,ii, 166-167). This excerpt from the balcony scene takes just a portion of their conversation in which they flirt playfully, which is ludus. Though pragma, the more mature love typically develops between long-term couples after a long period of time, Romeo and Juliet partially developed this genre of love. The two actively practiced good will, commitment, compromise, and understanding. The lovers acted more mature than their own parents by overcoming family name to
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