Romeo And Juliet Essay Blame

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Death and misery seem to be all too common in a theatre piece about love. In William Shakespeare’s tragicomic play, Romeo and Juliet, numerous characters are at fault of the calamities that occur. In total, six people died, and many are to blame. Although a case can be made for almost every character, Tybalt and Friar Laurence are indirectly or directly responsible for the death of all of those six people. Always looking for a fight, Tybalt let his aggressiveness get the best of him, and stabbed and killed Mercutio, a blood relative of Prince Escalus of Verona, Italy. This in turn caused Romeo Montague to stab and kill Tybalt, which consequently led to Romeo’s exile, sparking a vital sub-conflict. Despite of the fact that Friar Laurence was…show more content…
Do acknowledge that I am not arguing that it was not justified. The plan that Friar assembled was indeed to blame for the death of three characters, however, it was also to blame for the ending of the feud between the rival Montague and Capulet households. To be even more specific than just using Friar Laurence’s marrying of Romeo and Juliet as the spark of the tragedies to come, one most look at the plan that he constructed to truly examine the causes of such catastrophes. Friar’s plan was to reunite Romeo and Juliet by giving Juliet a potion that would cause her to appear dead and Romeo would obtain a letter from Friar John that would tell him the plan. After which he would go to Juliet’s tomb and be there when she awoke. Although seemingly not ridiculously complicated, lots goes wrong, leading to the death of three. Some may argue that it was Friar John’s fault for not delivering the letter to Romeo in time and some that it was Balthasar for telling Romeo that Juliet was dead. Regardless, if Friar Laurence was to not have assembled this plan that none of this could have happened in the first place. Yet, it was exactly this plan that did not unfortunately reunite Romeo and Juliet, at least alive, but in fact united the Montague and Capulet families themselves, which in turn likely will prevent less death in the long run. Before Juliet kills herself with Romeo’s dagger,
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