Romeo And Juliet Essay Outline

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Romeo and Juliet Outline Essay Title Towards the beginning of the Elizabethan era, in the mid-1500s, William Shakespeare, a poet, playwright and actor began to flourish as a result of his renowned plays. Romeo and Juliet, one of his most successful tragedies, precipitated his career and reputation as a literary genius. This iconic work of art examines two young adolescents in the throes of forbidden love. The play captures the agonizing emotions the protagonists hold for one another, and studies the effect this intense love has on Romeo’s developing character. Throughout the play, Shakespeare demonstrates how the spectrum of intense emotions Romeo experiences compromise his rational thought, producing hasty actions that ultimately lead to fatal results. Romeo’s loyalty to his friends is at odds with his ability to objectively evaluate situations, thus causing him to act impulsively. Towards the beginning of the play, Tybalt and Mercutio are involved in a brawl during which Mercutio is killed. Witnessing his close friend’s death creates an unchecked anger in Romeo, that he willingly accepts, causing him to seek out and kill Tybalt. Romeo exclaims: “Fire-eyed fury be my conduct now” (III.i.123). The intensity and immediacy of his anger consumes his consciousness and directs his physical being, blinding him from analyzing the potential consequences of his actions. Shakespeare adeptly utilizes two literary devices- alliteration and personification- to emphasize the dilemmas
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