Romeo And Juliet Failure Essay

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As is the case with many others, Romeo and Juliet fell in love accidentally. Romeo’s love for Rosaline was soon dismissed with the introduction of his counterpart in the play, Juliet. As can perhaps be expected with any great tragedy, their love failed. While many reasons exist for this failure, including fate, young age and a lack of sufficient rationality, their counselor, Friar Lawrence, also played a key role in their love’s failure. Without sufficient foresight and logical thinking, Romeo and Juliet became victims of their own love due to their responsibility of Friar Lawrence, fate and young age. Friar Lawrence, who acted as the counselor for the two lovers, intended to end the enmity between two families in his community,…show more content…
Delaying the marriage would have allowed the young couple additional time for courtship, enabled Friar Lawrence to discuss the situation with their families, and provide Friar Lawrence the time to speak with Prince about Juliet’s ineligibility to marry him. Despite the obvious advantages of a delayed marriage, Friar Lawrence failed to approach the young couple’s request with sufficient rationality; in his attempt to support the young couple, he led them towards their tragic fate. Secondly, it is argued that fate also led to the death of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare’s emphasis on the role of faith, shown by not only the young couple falling in love, but also by the spread of the plaque by the messenger, indicates that it was also fate that the young couple face a tragic death. It can be argued that fate controlled the whole play. When Romeo, in Act I Scene II, sees Rosaline’s name on the invitation list, he decides to attend. He then sees Juliet and, as it happens with young lovers, he falls blindly in love. Without knowing about Juliet’s family, he unequivocally falls in love with her, an act of fate. This very fate later leads to their demise. The sheer mass of ‘coincidental’ accidents results precisely in the lack of coincidence in the play; everything is fate. It is fate that Romeo and Juliet should meet, love, be challenged and die.
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