Romeo And Juliet Impact On Society

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In the story Romeo and Juliet, Juliet has a major dramatic impact on the audience. Her being a woman and disobeying her parents, faking her death, and meeting a Montague even though she’s a Capulet play a big role in her impact. First of all, during those times, a woman was to marry who her parents chose, regardless of what she wanted. For example, when Capulet chose for Juliet to marry Paris, Juliet argued and refused, for she was already Romeo’s bride. This being said, Capulet and most likely the audience was shocked to see Juliet rebel. Secondly, Juliet faked her death, something not many people would do. In example, when Juliet was to marry Paris, she faked her death to run away with Romeo. By how brave she is to rely on Friar Lawrence
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