Romeo And Juliet Movie Essay

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The film that I have watched in the lesson is Romeo + Juliet, which is an adaptation to the story of a star-crossed lovers - Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare. The play was originally written in the 16th century, and the film has strictly followed the dialogues and the language style at that time, by using Early Modern English. It is an important decision. Some may argue the audiences, especially the non-native English speaker, may not fully understand the conversation in the movie because of the discrepancies between older English and modern English. However, such decision allowed the film to keep and hold the authentic taste of Shakespeare’s play. For instance, the puns, false-friends and pragmatic features were inevitably irreplaceable. They played the key roles in helping me to understand the…show more content…
First, the movie director has tried to modernize the film by setting the film in the contemporary city of Verona Beach. Although the movie did not mention when the story took place, from my observation, it was supposed to be set in the 1970s to the 80s, I can see abundant of skyscrapers, electronic billboards and automobiles throughout the movie. There was also one more evidence, I can find out the time by recognizing the dress-up of the characters, they were in clothes with hippy style, which was a popular fashion trend at that time. In addition, pistols can find in the movie, but not swords in the ancient time. Besides modifying the original setting, the director has added some elements that could not be found in the original play. Take the family of Montague and Capulet as an example, the initial play did not mention why the two families were in a feud. But in the movie, they were somehow rivalries of each other in businesses. When these subtle changes combined together, they allow the emergence of new points of view and reflections to the play Romeo and
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