Romeo And Juliet Parenting Essay

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I had a great grandfather that grew up a product of World War One. He was imprisoned by Germans at the age of 14 while fulfilling his job as a letterboy in Poland. After being captured, he was imprisoned and starved for weeks; only given small amounts of stale and rotten food every once in awhile. This plain old kid had to devise a plan on how to escape a highly secured German prison camp alive, and then figure out what to do after escaping. The responsibility that was in his hands was one that nearly all adults wouldn’t even be able to complete. Now, although William Shakespeare drilled into the minds of many through his play, Romeo and Juliet, and as other authors have done in their stories, that teenagers are lazy and can’t carry…show more content…
This is not only flapdoodle, but it could be considered hogwash, claptrap, balderdash, poppycock, and eyewash piffle! This is because literally no teenager truly believes that everything they do is because fate forces them to and they don’t have any say in it. Also, just the whole disorganization in sending letters and relaying information might’ve had some sort of validity back when it was written (but is still highly unlikely that kids that belong to such rich families couldn’t get information delivered more quickly), it truly doesn’t have any validity now because of texting, and the countless other options on how information could be sent in the blink of an eye. Literally, the only reason that people believe that teens are so lazy and irresponsible is because of years of reading fictional stories of teenagers acting way more stupid than teenagers actually are. While the idea of why people believe that teenagers are irresponsible is tremendously interesting, I have to support my argument now so yeah I’m very tired. An example of teenagers being responsible, and like more mature than like all of the adults was Brown vs. the Board of Education, and the whole Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s, and the whole All Lives Matter situation today now. Many smaller movements within these large movements were mainly

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