Romeo And Juliet Patriarchy Essay

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William Shakespeare is the world’s pre-eminent dramatist whose plays range from tragedies to tragic comedies, etc. His general style of writing is often comparable to several of his contemporaries, like Romeo and Juliet is based on Arthur Brooke’s narrative poem, “The tragical history of Romeo and Juliet”. But Shakespeare’s works express a different range of human experience where his characters command the sympathy of audiences and also are complex as well as human in nature. Shakespeare makes the protagonist’s character development central to the plot. Shakespearian tragedies are dramas where the noble protagonist is flawed in some way and placed in such a stressful heightened situation that it ultimately ends with a fatal conclusion like death. These tragedies were inspired by the Roman and Greek classics…show more content…
Capulet’s decision that his daughter Juliet should marry Paris only highlights this fact. Fate Shakespeare calls Romeo and Juliet “star crossed lovers”, meaning their tragic fate was sealed right from the beginning. Several unfortunate incidences like the feud between the families, Romeo’s suicide and Juliet awakening indicate that Rome and Juliet was meant to be a tragedy. PROTAGONIST ANALYSIS: ROMEO: Romeo is portrayed as an emotional and reckless character. His friend Mercutio and Fr. Lawrence comment on Romeo’s fickle attitude when he immediately falls in love with Juliet completely forgetting about Rosaline, his first love. Romeo quotes,” Did my heart love until now? Foreswear it sight, for I never saw true beauty until this night”. His love for Rosaline was superficial. Juliet transforms Romeo’s immature and erotic infatuation to true and constant love. After meeting Juliet he matures very quickly. Maybe Romeo’s love for Juliet is so intense because unlike Rosaline, Juliet reciprocates his
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