Romeo And Juliet Theme Of Fate

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After Tybalt and Mercutio is slained, Romeo realizes his doomed existence as he says ‘O, I am fortune’s fool’. This phrase indicates his developed sense of realism, as he finally understands his destined end. However, through a short amount of time Romeo has dramatically changed from a emotional and reckless young boy to a strong and mature man. This is heavily emphasized at the end of the play, when Romeo goes to visit Juliet after hearing the devastating news of Juliet’s death.In addition, Romeo’s loyalty and nobleness is shown during this scene, as he says ‘I defy you stars’. This quotation connotes his willingness to fight if it results him being with Juliet, even if its against the unstoppable force of fate. As the audience, we feel very empathetic towards Romeo as we can’t aid his frustration and sorrow. In contrast,…show more content…
When Romeo reaches the tomb, we observe another transformation of Romeo. This time, he has become a character driven by anger and grief and speaks very horrifically to Balthasar as he says ‘strew this hungry churchyard with thy limbs’ and ‘more fierce and more inexorable far than empty tigers’. This could hint his fury against fate, however also it could imply that Romeo is utterly despondent and isn’t bothered by his actions anymore. When he encounters Paris, Romeo subtly begs him to ‘tempt not a desp’rate man’ but Romeo is pressurized to fight Paris. After killing Paris, Romeo remorsefully takes pity on Paris and fulfills his dying wish of ‘lay me with Juliet’. Romeo
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