Romeo And Juliet True Love

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Many people argue wether Romeo and Juliet is a true love story due to the fact that they got married in the matter of less than 24 hours from the time they met. The big question is if it is true love? Is it love at first sight or not? Some people believe in love at first sight but many do not. What does it take for two people to engage in true everlasting love? Different psychologists, marriage counselors, married couples might all have a different outlook on this. There is no way Romeo and Juliet could have loved each other the same way a true married couple does, Romeo already said he loved Juliet before he even got to know her. There are various factors that make love between a couple real and true love. What is real love? First of all, love isn't a…show more content…
Some say they have experienced love at first sight, but who's to say it was just luck. It is easy to confuse lust at first sight with love at first sight. You might have a favorite actor/actress and you may also find them sexually attractive. You might be attracted to them but you can't say you love them because you really don't know them (Cohen). When Romeo first saw Juliet he felt sexual attraction, he only talked about how beautiful she was, he never mentioned how beautiful she was in the inside. He confused lust with love and that is what got him killed in the end of the story. Seeing someone without the opportunity to know them is not a reason to love someone. In Romeo and Juliet, they both confess that they love each other without knowing each other. In the story Romeo never had time to have a conversation with Juliet and actually get to know her. Romeo and Juliet rushed their relationship, a relationship should never been rushed if you want it to last. It takes many years of being with someone to finally propose marriage to them. If rushed into marriage the relationship will probably not
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