Romeo And Juliet : True Love

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-Cebrian 1 Magdalena Cebrian 02/16/17 Cid, English 1 2A Romeo and Juliet: True love The love that Romeo and Juliet had was very intense they weren’t supposed to be together because of family feud. The capulets and montagues are two different families that have different things that aren 't common on each other. Due to this Romeo and Juliet are conscious that what they have can 't happen but true love can cause people to take many risk. For example Romeo and Juliet can’t be together but they can decide to be together without there parents knowing that they feel in love and that they are planning to get married without their parents permission because their love is more important than what their families think about the difference and…show more content…
Those two type of families can’t get along they don 't even live in the same place. Each family is in different locations and both the montagues and capulets can’t be together at anytime.Based on this we know what Romeo and Juliet can’t be seen together. Romeo and Juliet love each other, they both go through many different things that don 't allow them to be together not only because of family feud but other things that come through their life 's at the end of everything that they go through Romeo proposed to Juliet and she said yes they both get married knowing that they can 't because their families won 't accept that they can be together. But when you truly love someone the way Romeo and Juliet do then you can confront everyone that tells you that you aren 't doing the right things or tell you anything negative. You can get through everything despite what other people tell you. You can do whatever comes through your life because you have your partner the person who will be with you the rest of your life the person that will support you through everything just the way Romeo did. Since the montagues and capulets can 't be together Romeo and Juliet still wanted to be together and went ahead and got married they both took the risk, it all happened without their parents knowing. But overall you can 't really stop anyone from falling in love with someone because when you 're in love nothing can matter not even what
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