Romeo And Parita Comparison

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Countless similarities are displayed between plays and their modern-day adaptations ranging from major influences, such as setting to finer details like character traits. Nevertheless, being that they are adaptations, stark differences from the original can be discovered. The star-crossed lovers of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, a drama by William Shakespeare, and West Side Story are equally affected by their friends and others close to them, but are influenced in starkly dissimilar ways. Despite fulfilling twin roles, the Nurse and Anita provide very distinct influences to Juliet and Maria as the courses of their respective stories unfold. Having lost her own child at a young age, Nurse sees Juliet Capulet as her daughter. Respectively,…show more content…
His impulsivity proves to be his Achilles Heel, but the way Balthazar and Anybodys go about attempting to prevent his death differ very noticeably. Balthazar is Romeo’s right-hand man and accompanies him to his death place, a cemetery where Juliet lies. Hearing the news of the girl’s supposed death, Romeo becomes increasingly reckless. Detecting Romeo’s amounting distress, Balthazar shadows him to the Capulet Monument silently, “For all this same, I’ll hide me hereabout./ His looks I fear, and his intents I doubt” (V. iii. 43-44). Balthazar is fearful of what Romeo may do, but in the end, he succumbs to his death as Balthazar hides in the shadows. His watchful eye wasn’t enough to prevent the Montague boy from killing himself. Anybodys is also a witness to Tony’s death, but not without attempting to prevent it. She calls to Tony, fights to get to him before Chino turns his anger on him, but eventually Tony gets what he wants: for Chino to kill him. Compared to Balthazar, Anybodys was much more invested in saving Tony’s life. She ran around the town in search of Tony while Balthazar slept soundly as Romeo died. Another two extremely pivotal characters in these stories are Friar Lawrence and the Doc

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