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Case; Romeo Engine Plant ( REP) Team: ( process - color code) Swamy – black Bhupesh K – green Sreenivas – Blue Sajith – orange Biju – consolidate A-1) Romeo Quality Process (RQP) has the objective of ensuring customer expectations are met by understanding their product preference and deploying it in the manufacturing process. RQP is a disciplined approach to total process design and planning to achieve minimum in-process variation and deliver to the customers zero defect engines. Continuous production and quality process improvement:- Flexible work assignment and commitment to production Waste and scarp elimination Cost reduction activities Increased thru put by removing…show more content…
Feedback from workers is often taken for better production environment. Waste and scarp elimination:- The system formed in Romeo is to make sure defect is identified and the causes are deducted through pare to analysis and weekly team brainstorming. Consistent supplier defects will be punished by charging the overhead expenses related to the problem. Cost reduction activities:- Check book system with authorization system for the release of indirect material were followed. This helps in reducing the overhead expenses. The respective team is responsible for this control. Also, the teams were given freedom to purchase indirect materials from suppliers through negotiation which help in controlling expenses. Teams got the expense report charged to their department which helps in monitoring the cost. Increased thru put by removing bottleneck:- Romeo followed the principle of improving the overall through put of the pant by concentrating on the bottleneck operations and uplifting the same by removing the constraint. A-3) Suppliers were billed for full loss caused by defective parts supplied by them Scrap cost were assigned to work team responsible for the process. .This aligned to their no-rework policy and also to their team approach and responsibility sharing where the supplier and the work group suffer the costs. . 24 hour response: The departments

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