Romeo and Chrysalids Essay

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The play, Romeo and Juliet has many deaths, which are usually suicides because they have lost someone they love. The novel, The Chrysalids by John Wyndham also has people risking their lives or even suicide because they will or are not able to live without the person they love. However, the short story, “No Renewal” shows that Douglas doesn’t appreciate his new lifestyle because he already made his old lifestyle part of his identity. All these texts suggest that when one loses someone or something that is part of one’s identity, one may willingly welcome death. When a character in Romeo and Juliet loses someone they love dearly and has made them a part of their identity, they willingly welcome death and leave their true identity. This…show more content…
Later on, Romeo and Juliet both kill themselves after seeing each other dead, because both had made each other a part of their identity. Another example is the death of Lady Montague, who in particular had made Romeo part of her life. Her strong bond with Romeo is shown after she was relieved that Romeo was not part of the street fight: “Lady Capulet: Right glad I am he [Romeo] was not at this fray” (Line 1.1.119). Her bond with Romeo was so strong that she died because Romeo’s exile not Romeo’s death: “Montague: Alas, my liege [Prince], my wife is dead tonight. Grief on my son’s exile hath stopped her breath” (Line 5.3.218-220). The bond between characters is one of the strong aspects that make the play, Romeo and Juliet a beautiful tragedy. The book, The Chrysalids suggest that when a character is dead or is at the risk of being dead, the characters who share a close relationship with another character will also die or risk their lives. Michael, for example, isn’t ready to leave Rachel at first it seemed that, Michael wanted to do it because of the friendship with Rachel but when Rosalind protested, he replied, “Would you leave David alone, or would David leave you alone?” (198). This showed that Michael liked Rachel just like David and Rosalind liked each other. This showed the close bond between Michael and Rachel, and Michael did not want lose Rachel and repent that even though he had a chance, he couldn’t save her. The significant

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