Romeo and Juliet Costume Project

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This essay is a letter referring to the costume designer on acquiring basic knowledge on how to prepare as well as undergo character costume design for the production of a Broadway play. It is imperative that the costume designer as well as the actors understand the setting and time period of the production of the Shakespeare play of Romeo & Juliet; the characters must be dressed according to the historical dress of Italian renaissance costume and must collaborate scenery, and costume of the time and place depicted in the play which is 15th century Verona, Italy.
The following is a report that I have prepared evaluating, and describing specific costumes that these characters (Romeo Montague, Juliet Capulet, Mercutio, and Benvolio
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The doublet jacket will have large broad shoulders, and long fitted sleeves. Around the waistline the doublet jacket will be belted with gold straps and attached to the left side of his belt will be his sword. Mercutio 's character will have a long black pleated velvet cape attached to his doublet jacket. Mercutio 's hose will be white and cut into two separate pieces. His footwear will be black pointed toe leather soled boots ending mid calf with turned down cuffs. An accessory he will wear will be red velvet upturned brimmed hat adorned with a single large white ostrich feather attached to the left side. Mercutio will wear 3 gold rings intact with large ruby stones on his right hand.
Benvolio Montague is the nephew of Lord Montague, and close friend of Romeo and Mercutio. Since he is kinsman of the Montague family he will be dressed in fine attire symbolizing his nobility. Benvolio is around the same age of Romeo. Benvolio stands tall at a mere 5 '9, thin, athletic built, short shoulder length, curly, black hair, blue eyes, and clean shaven. Benvolio 's character will be dressed in soft white linen camicia ending just below his waist. He will wear a long green colored velvet brocade doublet jacket with a pleated skirt attached at the bottom. The doublet jacket will be aligned with gold buttons, and emeralds. Benvolio 's doublet Jacket will be belted with a black straps intact with small gold coin like medallions. His hose will be
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