Romeo and Juliet - Foolishness and Impatients (Themes)

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Romeo and Juliet; Foolishness and Impatience.

“Wisely and slow – they stumble that run fast” a wise priest warns one passionate lover, Romeo as he stumbles to share the news of the accepted marriage. Unfortunately for the characters, none of them seem to take these wise words in consideration. Passionate love and passionate hate propel the characters to immediate, and irrational actions. A perfect example of impatience in this play is when Romeo comes to the conclusion that his lover Juliet is lifeless. He hastily takes his life without stopping to think of the consequences. If he had been patient, and rational he and his love could have been together on earth. But because of his drastic measures, when Juliet awoke seeing Romeo partly
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I believe that this was a foolish plan because Friar Lawrence made it himself and had not seemed to test it before giving it to her. There could have also been a more
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