Romeo and Juliet Movies Analysis on the Theme: "Fate Has Complete Control"

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Romeo and Juliet is a classic love story written by William Shakespeare, in the Elizabethan era of English history. The work tells of the fatal attraction between Romeo and Juliet, how they met and why, their falling in love and their ultimate sacrifice for each other’s love, their actual lives. Fate has complete control, is a theme that is riddled throughout the text written by Shakespeare. It is essentially pointing out the view that everything we do or will, is at the mercy of fate, and whatever we do to counteract it, fate still holds the final judgement over our lives. This theme is also prevalent in cinematic codes written into both the visual representations of the Shakespearean love story by Franco Zefirelli and Baz Luhrmann. Two …show more content…
While Romeo is accompanying her, Zefirelli uses more visual code to express the importance that fate has complete control. A visual code that he uses is the lighting effect on the scene. By using a full moon, Franco encapsulates to the viewers sense that he is out in the open, exposed to being caught because of the moonlight. But the film shows contrary to this statement, implying the theme on the situation. Fate is also associated with fairy tales and sorcery, as the full moon is to them. Using the full moon as a symbolic code, he relates back to the theme of fate again.

Baz Luhrmann, another acclaimed movie director also recreated the story of the two “star crossed lovers”. Again because of the medium the story is portrayed in, he can also acquire the use of symbolic, audio and visual codes. Baz Luhrmann just under over uses these to keep his audience compelled to the edge of their seats, to watch the film. Using large amounts of cinematic code, the spectator’s attentions are at the mercy of the movie. The way Luhrmann uses visual codes are similar yet different to those used by Franco Zefirelli in his representation of the story. The same important scene used above is the point when it is obvious. Romeo is in the back of Benvolios convertible, he then jumps out, and runs to scale the Capulet mansion wall. In Luhrmann’s version of the play rite, he adds a security dispatchment, in the same area Romeo is climbing the wall. The

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