Romeo and Juliet, Tragedy or Romance

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Romeo and Juliet, Tragedy or Romance? What determines what a true love story is? Many events in Romeo and Juliet make the audience question whether or not they are truly in love or are just blinded by a false or not true version of a not so deep feeling. Romeo and Juliet is a famous love story but it stands out compared to other love stories. Romeo and Juliet continue to be a true love story to this day. They are married at a young age and differentiate from other love stories, it’s still considered to be true love, though some aspects of the novel are considered to be more tragic than romantic. Most people in this world will do just about anything for true love and, given the chance; will go to major lengths to prove that they are in love, even getting married at a very young age. To begin with, most people will do anything for true love. According to Definition of Love, “Simple infatuation is often called a ‘crush’ or ‘puppy love’.” (Definition of Love, par. 1). This means that some people are only in love for a small time or not in love very much. People like “a teacher, and uncle or aunt, a friend or family [or] an actor or actress” (Definitions of Love, par. 1) are examples of people we love but not very strong or for a very long time. Simple infatuation is not true love. It is but a sliver of what true love really feels like a silly dream that we have. Romeo and Juliet’s love was so strong that nothing would get in the way of their marriage, not even their age. Many
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