Romeo and Juliet's Love Is Doomed by the World Around and Its Own Intensity

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Romeo and Juliet’s love is doomed by the world around it and by its own intensity.
Shakespeare, in one of his earliest plays, ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ written around 1600, explores a number of themes, including love, hate, fate and generation gap. Very early in the play he suggests that the love between the title characters is doomed. He no doubt blames the world around them especially the older generation for such a tragedy. However, he also implies that fate and the intensity of the love between the couple contributes greatly to the tragedy. Unnecessary!!
Shakespeare suggests that the love between the title characters is doomed. The prologue, is explicit that the love between the ‘starcrossed lovers’ is destined to end in a disaster and
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Secondly Juliet’s parents do not give her freedom to love as indicated by the fact that they try to force her to marry Paris. The tragic deaths of these three youths: Paris, Romeo and Juliet may have been avoided if the older generation had not involved themselves in their lives. ( Finally Friar Lawrence and Nurse try to help Romeo and Juliet but only augment the problem by hiding the lovers relationship from Montague’s and Capulet’s knowledge. These events add to the list that has doomed these lovers to be together.
Moreover, it is suggested that Romeo and Juliet’s love is doomed due to its intensity. The love that the title characters share for each other ‘is too rash, too unadvis’d, too sudden,’ as Juliet states herself. Romeo and Juliet’s love move much more quickly than most others of that day and age, as they got married within the first three days of having met. Because of the rushed love which was unknown to the world around it, these star-crossed lovers were taken by death.
Both the characters closest to Romeo and Juliet have been blamed for their deaths, as well as the intensity of their love for each other. But it has been established throughout this essay that both ??? and intensity of love are to blame for these youths’ deaths. Moreover, the role of fate on these characters’ lives cannot be underestimated. Consequently there isn’t one particular event, character
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