Romeo 's Symptoms And Report

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Based on Romeo’s symptoms and report, Romeo’s DSM-5 diagnosis is: 303. 90 (F10.20, ICD-10 coding) Alcohol Use Disorder, moderate. 291.89 (F10.24, ICD-10 coding) Alcohol Induced Depressive Disorder, moderate (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Based on Juliette’s symptoms and report, Juliette’s DSM 5 diagnosis is: 309. 81 (F43.10, ICD-10 coding) Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. 302.72 (F52.22, ICD-10 coding) Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder. V15.42 Personal history of neglect in childhood. V61.03 Disruption of family by divorce. V65.40 Other counseling or consultation (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).
When asked, Romeo stated that his goal for treatment is that Juliette would leave him alone. Juliette shared that her goal of treatment is for Romeo to stop drinking. Based on the couple’s report and desire for treatment, the goal of treatment for the couple is to create clear boundaries between the couple, and to stop the consumption of alcohol by Romeo. In order to achieve the goal of treatment, the objectives of treatment are the following: Romeo will decrease his alcohol consumption from six bottles of beer every day to drinking one bottle of beer once a week; Juliette will allow Romeo to have a time for himself for an hour every day, if possible; Romeo and Juliette will learn at least two coping skills to create clear boundaries between them, the couple will be assisted to build an agreement of appropriate behaviors that each individual should…
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