Rome’s Forgotten Land Essay

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For more than 1,000 years the Romans conquered portions of Europe and brought a tremendous amount of influence to Eurasia. They built a network of roadways, amazing architectural achievements and order to the tribes they conquered throughout Eurasia. However the one area not influenced by the Romans was most of Germany, Russia, Yugoslavia and the Czech Republic, this area is also know as Germania. This region did not receive the benefits that the colonies conquered by Rome received simply because Rome, once it conquered a region, built cities in their communities, spreading Roman architecture language and transportation systems throughout the regions they overtook.
The Hunnic Empire and the original German tribes were one of the main
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They saw everyone who lived there as barbarians or Germanic. The Germanic tribes that were in the region we now call Germania started out in the countries of Germany, Russia and northern Czech. The main tribes were the Goths, Vandals, Visigoths, the Franks and the Huns. A quote that talks about the Huns themselves from the Roman historian Ammianus,
The nation of the Huns… surpasses all other Barbarians in wildness of life…though they have they all have strong limbs and plump necks; they are of great size, and low legged, so that you might fancy them two-legged beasts, or the fat figures that are carved in a rude manner with an axe at the posts at the end of bridges… (Ammianus, Rome and Her Enemies, page 288)

The Huns and other Germanic tribes were the main reasons the Romans never occupied Germany for an extended period of time. The Germanic tribes were very spread out and culturally different. Many of these tribes were not native to Germany; some came from Scandinavia, like the Goths, who later branched off to become both the Goths and the Visigoths. Others traveled all the way from middle Asia like the Huns. Due to this wide expansion many of the original tribes like the Ulmerugi who were forced out by the Goths and even the Goths themselves when the Huns entered the area.
The Germanic tribes themselves were not that organized to begin, many of them did have standing armies. The Germanic tribes were not well equipped and often had
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