Romulus My Father Notes for Belonging Essay

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* Study Questions * * Chapter 1 * 1. Romulus has a crisis in identity. He feels he is accepted in society due to his skill in blacksmithing trade. Although accepted, he does not feel he belongs due to his culture and heritage. His character is tied up with a strong moral code, in working hard, pride, communal strength and contributing to society but has no confidence in identity and how he fits in. He “Always considered himself a Romanian.” And felt he belongs to that part of his heritage. He carried this culture through to Australia and keeps these character traits, which could be the reason he is separated socially. He is a religious man that takes education seriously and in the highest regards. He always knew poverty…show more content…
Cheeses were famous won many prizes. Small town. 100 kids at school. Flourishing community and therefore belonging to community. 1950 became a ghost town. Rather sentimental, gaiter feels bad that the community has diminished. The juxtaposition between the two paragraphs of the heyday compared to the ghost town of 10 houses and convenience store. Camp swelled in gold rush. When they weren’t working, little to do. Movies on sat night and occasional dances hosted. Immigrants didn’t like the eucalyptus. * 8. The landscape became symbolic of Romulus’ sense of alienation because of the idea the Romulus feels like a stranger due to the environment. He doesn’t recognize the harsh and perceived blandness of the Australian scenery. He has a burning desire for the European atmosphere shown, “He longed for the generous and soft European foliage.” Romulus finds the gum trees, “Symbols of deprivation and barrenness” (p.14) This shows him being alienated and feeling foreign due to the landscape and he feels that he would look “directly to the foliage and always turned away offended.” (p.14) It is Romulus’ memories being based around the diverse and beautiful European environment that is one of the reasons he feels lost and separated in Australia. * 9. Romulus establishes a sense of community in his new environment with the other Romanians, Hora and Mitru. “He asked the man who greeted any new arrivals whether there were any other Romanians.”

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