Ron Mueck Art Analysis

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Ron Mueck. 'Wildman '. A pale, tall figure looms over all who are in its presence, overwhelming and shockingly real. The Giant, 'Wildman ', a huge modal of a man, is nude, this nakedness, displayed for all to see. This ultimate exposure is a symbol to modern culture as one of ultimate indecency and of vulnerability. He sits on a simple, sturdy wooden stool. His pose is rigid, his knuckles are tightened and white as he grips his seat, his eyes are wide with fear, accusing the society that has placed him on this pedestal. Upon his head, a thick mane of curly hair sits, entwining with his bush-like un-kept beard with greying strands throughout, reaching past his shoulders and ending midway down his chest. The majority of his body…show more content…
His legs are brought up to chest height, one leans against the wall with the rest of the right side of his body. His head rests on a closed hand, disappearing behind the head and concealing the right ear. The elbow is supported by the right knee of one of his folded legs. His other hand rests in the crook of the right arm, the elbow of this arm, supported by the left knee. His round stomach is gently indented by the thighs that are pressed against it, his navel protrudes from the smoothness of the surrounding belly. Between the stomach and private area is a shadowed fold where the belly meets the lower body. The toes of his large feet are slightly bent inward, with only the largest toes remaining flat against the ground. His skin tone is pale, with slight pink discoloration in the usual places, such as the area underneath the nose, natural blush of the cheeks and ears. The added freckles and more slight facial discolorations create a perfected reality simulation. His eyes, partly shadowed by the overhanging brow are turned to the left drawn to something in the distance. His face is creased with the lines of age, more heavily indented around the main facial features, then fading into thinner lines as they move away from them. Upon his face is a complicated expression, one which be interpreted as frustration or anger, for the brow is slightly furrowed and one side his mouth is upturned with the impression of the hand that supports the face. Alternatively the

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