Ron Ventura Essay

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RON VENTURA AT MITCHELL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 1. What is your assessment of Ron Ventura’s performance over the term of his two-year contract with the hospital? Should his contract be renewed? I think Ron Ventura is excellent at his work and has made contribution to the Cardiovascular Center and the entire hospital. He is really professional and technically skilled in his field, which is recognized by most of his coworkers. He is responsible and works hard in the team. He is willing to challenge himself and take toughest cases. He has seen more patients than any other surgeons. He has the lowest rate of complication and unplanned returns to operating room in his cases. He generated a great amount of revenue and reputation for the…show more content…
I think the ability to collaborate with other coworkers should be addressed in the contract. This is related to this hospital’s culture and guidance. Moreover, performance evaluation should be added into contract renewal decision. If the opinions about an employee is tend to be negative, the contract with this employee might need to be stopped. Some programs and trainings to address teamwork could be used in Mitchell Memorial Hospital. 3. If you were Prescott, how would you plan to conduct the contract renewal conversation. What would your goals be? What issues would you raise, and why, and how would you raise them?

Firstly, I would admit that Ventura is a great surgeon and his technically skills are highly recognized by all employees in cardiovascular center. Due to his hard and excellent work, the vascular department had been improved. He had contribution to the entire Mitchell Memorial Hospital. But I think his issues working with other coworkers become interference to the whole cardiovascular team. The renewal of the contract with him needs to re-considered. I would address the issues that the residents taught by him leave the program or is lack of operation experience. Some surgeons working with him could hardly con-duct operation under his control and couldn’t feel the value being in the team. There is some boundary issues with nursing staff. OR is not a place for himself to perform a surgery. If he doesn’t show respect and patient to coworkers,
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