Ronald Dominique, A Serial Killer

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Serial killers can be defined as a person who kills multiple people over a long period of time. American media spreads stereotypical information about serial killers. The media portrays serial killers as either a monster or a charming guy next door (Forsyth 868). Serial killers cannot be fitted into the medias cookie-cutter definition. Everyone has experienced unique events throughout their life that shapes their personality and serial killers are not an exception. Ronald Dominique, a serial killer suffered a traumatic event while in jail; he was raped, and this event triggered his serial killings. “Serial murderers like those who kill only once, fit into no single profile; and create too wide a burden to be explained with one idea. They do seem to have one similar characteristic –that is; to blend into society and appear normal” (Forsyth 872). “Although Ronald Dominique was a serial killer he was loved by his family and friends and liked by many in the small community of Bayou Blue, Louisiana where he lived. He attended Thibodaux High School where he was in the glee club and sang in the chorus. Classmates who remember Dominique say he was ridiculed about being homosexual during his teen years, but at the time he never admitted he was gay” (Forsyth 862). As years went by Dominique portrayed himself as a caring person who would help his community and his neighbors. He spent his Sunday afternoons calling out Bingo numbers for senior citizens. Dominique’s family recalls a

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