Ronald Dworkin's Liberal Morality

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Dworkin begins by roughly defining liberalism according to the New Deal: "It combined an emphasis on less inequality and greater economic stability with more abundant political and civil liberty for the groups campaigning for these goals." Dworkin states that such a definition is inadequate and goes on to elaborate on liberalism in more depth. The liberal, in economic policies, demands that the inequalities of wealth be reduced through social programs such as "welfare and other redistribution financed by a progressive tax." Liberals also take a Keynesian policy toward the governments stabilizing intervention in the economy, such as controlling inflation and unemployment. And liberals support freedom of speech, racial equality and are…show more content…
Inequalities would arise only from different men's different preferences and conceptions of the good life. But in the real world, there are the handicapped, inheritance, the untalented and so on, and consequently, the market will have a catastrophic effect upon the less off in society. The liberal will accordingly take the position of a "reluctant capitalist" as the market is better than a socialist economy that only mimics the market, but some redistribution of wealth will be needed. The liberal will also need a scheme of civil rights in a democracy, to counter weigh those decisions by the majority that would violate a minority's fundamental right. These civil rights would work "as trump cards" for any individual that may be weighed against a vast majority. Dworkin then postulates the conservatives version of society as opposed to the liberals. The conservative believes in a virtuous society that promotes these virtuous for all to follow. The market is the best economy according to the conservative because it rewards what is virtuous to the conservative: talent and industry. The liberals believes these to be the flaws of the market as it is unfair to those who lack these "virtues." The conservative will favor strong property rights to control those who would be envious of those with property. The conservative will also be
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