Ronald Legacy Of Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Reagan is known for many things; however, he is most often recognized for his presidency. Not only was he a president, he was also a former athlete, Hollywood actor, and devoted husband and father. Ronald Reagan was one of the most influential and respected men of his time, known for his traditional morals, values, and beliefs that make him one of the best presidents that America has ever seen. Although Ronald Reagan eventually came to lead a glamorous lifestyle, his beginnings were much more humble. Reagan’s life as a child was difficult; his family was struggling in the Depression, and they had to move many times in order to keep up his father’s business. Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois on February 6, 1911 (“Ronald Reagan: Life in Brief”). After his family had moved around multiple times, they finally stayed in Dixon, Illinois: the place Reagan would make his hometown (“Ronald Reagan: Life in Brief”). Reagan’s mother and father, Nelle and Jack, played huge parts in creating Ronald’s beliefs. Nelle was an optimistic woman, while Jack struggled with alcoholism. Jack’s nickname for Ronald as a child was Dutch, because he looked like a little fat Dutch boy (“Ronald Reagan”). Nelle gave him his strong religious views and his roots in acting, while Jack led Ronald to his initial political beliefs, which he would later change (Schultz 2). For example, the first person Reagan would vote for would be Franklin Delanor Roosevelt in 1932, and FDR’s views eventually

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