Ronald Post, A 53 Years Old Man Was Sentenced To Death

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Ronald Post, a 53 years old man was sentenced to death by lethal injection in 1985 at Ohio for shooting Helen Vantz, a desk clerk at a motel in Elyria, Ohio to death. Post weighted 486- pound in which he claims that he was too fat to get execute; therefore, Post attorney had brought forth Dr. David Lubarsky from Miami, Florida to analyzed Post condition before he get executed and, the result shows that Post’s condition was not fit to get executed. If the executor disregard the medical examination and continue to execute Post than it could cause him a “torturous and lingering death” which violated the eight amendment under the constitution that stated, no cruel or unusual punishment. Alongside with that, the gurney table that is use for…show more content…
The officer must check to see if these two-phone works because the inmate can still be save at the last minutes if there’s anything new occurring. Once those phones in the execution room rang everything stop. The toxic substance is not injected in the inmate yet, until the inmate last word is said or given. There are three types of drugs/ toxic substance that are needed to carried out the lethal injection method. The three types of substance are known as Thiopental Sodium, Pancuronium Bromide, and Potassium Chloride. Some states may only need two out of those three substance to carried out the lethal injection method. In this case, I’m not for sure what type of substances that Ohio use to executed their death row inmates. At first the videos and articles did annoy me because I felt that Post’s excuse of not getting executed was ridiculously pathetic. I believe that if you committed the crime you must pay for what you did according to the law of retaliation, “An eye for an eye”; however, after I rewatch and reread the articles and videos I realized that death penalties are not the answer to the victim of this case. After watching and reading the articles and videos, a question that came into my mind about criminal justice system is that why did law enforcement installed the death penalty? What was the purpose or point of it (the death penalty)? If I have a chance to speak with the victims, then I

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