Ronald Reag My Hero

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Ronald Reagan
My hero is Ronald Reagan. When you think of Ronald Reagan you probably think about one of the presidents of the US, but Ronald Reagan was much more. Ronald Reagan during his life was an actor sports announcer in the military and the president. I choose Ronald Reagan as my hero because of the great things he did during his presidency, and the things that he did while not in office. Some of the things that were very important examples of him being a hero are when the air traffic controllers went on strike, when he made movements against the communists in Europe, and the greatest of all his achievements when he told the USSR dictator to tear down the Berlin wall.
Let 's talk about the first example. During his presidency the air traffic controllers want a raise, and because the government was not going to give them one they went on strike. Immediately after that Reagan said that if they did not go back to work then he would fire all of them and hire a new group of air traffic controllers. The air traffic controllers did not believe that Reagan would actually fire them, but he did and the next day all of them were fired and a new group were hired. I think that this shows that he was a hero because a hero is someone who is strong, and if he would have just let them walk over him and get their raises then people would have thought that he was weak, and during this time you did not want to seem weak. Also, I think that it shows he is a hero because those people were

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