Ronald Reagan And President Reagan Essay

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If there is a single political figure from the past century to whom we can look and realize greatness, it is Ronald Reagan. And if there is a context in which to view the Presidency of Ronald Wilson Reagan, it is in the context of economics. In two scholarly biographies of our 40th president, The Reagan Effect by John W. Sloan, professor of political science at The University of Houston, and The Reagan Years written by several scholars and edited by Joseph Hogan, professor and head of the Department of Management at Birmingham Polytechnic Business School, Reagan and his presidency are meticulously analyzed under the lens of economics, among other things. Their findings, although contrasting in some areas, conclude, much to my pleasure, that President Reagan was a successful and influential president. Each book is based on a fundamentally different theme. Each respective theme, however is a theme that is insightful and reflective. The theme of The Reagan Effect is based upon the idea that the Reagan Presidency, while handling one of the major challenges of the modern presidency, namely, how to project both narrow and broad appeal, also achieved both political and economic success, while the theme of The Reagan Years is actually an assessment of President Reagan’s two administrations in terms of his success in facing the trying requirements of presidential headship. President Reagan was skillful in exercising statecraft, as well as in devising and maintaining a governing
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