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Ronald Wilson Reagan, born February 6, 1911, served the United States as the 40th president from 1981 to 1989. Reagan was the first and only movie actor elected to office. During his two-terms in office, Reagan had many accomplishments; cutting taxes, strengthened and increased national defense spending, and through foreign policy pursued “peace through strength.” (Freidel & Sidey, 2006). The primary strength Reagan possessed in office was his oratory skills, in which he was dubbed “The Great Communicator”. The presidency of Ronald Reagan corresponded with a “long period of dramatic economic growth and the beginning of a momentous change in international relations.” (Brinkley, 2002). Through legislation, Reagan stimulated the…show more content…
This happened to be one of the greatest economic crisis’s sin the Great Depression of the 1930s. The aspects of the country Reagan was confronted with was “high unemployment, major energy shortages, interest rates of over 21 percent, and inflation at 12.5 percent” (Meese III, 2011). The policies and practices at hand was to first, deal with the economy. The first task was to balance the budget of California, he later employed the same theories to develop the visualization for answering America’s economic challenges. Reagan’s policies and practices on planning required the administration as well as Reagan to set objectives and to determine what course of action would be needed to achieve those objectives. President Reagan’s term indicated to time when there were numbers of Americans living below the poverty level, his goal was to expand economic prosperity. In order to be successful in the economic expansion, the president had the strategic plan to input the largest marginal tax cut in American history that the media referred to as Reaganomics. Reagan deemed that a tax cut of this nature would finally spawn more returns for the federal government, thus “this new spending would stimulate the economy and create new jobs” (Reaganomics, 2008-2014). Organizing of President Reagan’s tax cut polices began shortly after taking office. Reagan and his administration, David A. Stockman

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