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Ronald Reagan had a very successful life. He was the 40th president of the United States (1981-1989). He was an actor for 30 years before he became involved with politics and starred in more than 50 movies. Reagan was born on February 6, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois. Reagan was raised by his traveling shoe salesman father John Reagan, and his mother Nelle. John was an alcoholic and was saved from the Great Depression by the Works Progress Administration. Reagan was strongly influenced by his mother, who taught him to read at an early age. After High School, Ronald Reagan won a Scholarship to Eureka College in Peoria, Illinois. He was very active at Eureka. He majored in economics, student body president, captain of the swimming team,…show more content…
Ronald Reagan made a last-minute effort to get the 1968 Republican presidential nomination. He was defeated by Richard Nixon who became president. Reagan also tried to win the presidential nomination again in 1976 but lost to Gerald Ford. Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy in November 1979, after making political friends at party fund-raising dinners around the country. He easily defeated the other nominees for the Republican nomination. He chose Gerald Ford as his vice-president. But when Ford's negotiators proposed that the vice-president should share presidential powers, Reagan chose George Bush instead. During the campaign against Democratic candidate Jimmy Carter, the biggest issue was the economy. Reagan blamed Carter for weaknesses in foreign policy and a weak army. During the time of the election Reagan had great public support, which made it easier to push his program through congress. When Reagan became president he started out in a recession. 11 percent of the work force was unemployed in fall, 1982. This recession reduced inflation significantly, but the interest rates remained high. During the next two years the economic recovery began. The unemployment came down, but thousands of factory jobs disappeared. The new jobs, which were mostly in service industries, paid less, leaving inflation low. Reagan's economic policy worked on the claim that investment in industry and spending by consumers would

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