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Ronald Reagan and the Triumph of American Conservatism by Jules Tygiel is a book based on the details of Ronald Wilson Reagan, who was born on February 6th, 1911 and passed away on June 5th, 2004. Early on you’ll learn the basics of his start in life and childhood history, but you’ll quickly be emerged into his life as most of America knows him for. He wasn’t just President of the United States. He was first a son, brother, friend, husband, actor, employee and Governor of California. The first chapter covers the basics; like that he was born to a Catholic father, Jack Reagan and a Christian mother, Nellie Wilson Reagan. You’ll realize that he and his older brother, Neil could not have been more opposite then what they were. Neil and Ronald…show more content…
In 1938, Reagan co-starred in the film Brother Rat with actress Jane Wyman. They were engaged at the Chicago Theatre and married on January 26, 1940, at the Wee Kirk o ' the Heather church in Glendale, California. Together they had two biological children, Maureen (1941–2001) and Christine (who was born in 1947 but only lived one day), and adopted a third, Michael (born 1945).Wyman filed for divorce and Reagan became the only US President to have been divorced. He soon after met his soul-mate, Nancy Davis. They married March 4th, 1952 and had two children of their own, Patti (born October 21, 1952) and Ron (born May 20, 1958). While he seemed like the ultimate family man, his children from his first marriage rarely saw their father growing up, spending most of the time in boarding schools and camps. Sure they were happy, but they weren’t one “big” happy family. The deeper into the book you get, the closer you get to what you are yearning for all along, Governor of California and President Ronald Reagan. Governor of California from 1967-1975, he realized that he wanted more. Long gone were his days of baseball announcements and filming movies. While he tried to get a nomination for President in 1968, he realized it was Nixon’s time and soon after backed off to wait for his chance. He was very popular in California, regardless of being a Democratic turned Republican. He was easily re-elected as Governor. However, he chose not to run for a third term, instead focusing on

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