Ronald Reagan Prolonged The Cold War Essay

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Thesis Statement:
The biggest contributing factor which played a part in ending the Cold War was the internal unrest of the Soviet Union. Also the ever changing system we know now as International Relations had a role in the conclusion of this time period. I will additionally argue the antithesis of the question and explain how Ronald Reagan prolonged the Cold War.


During the Second World War, USA and the Soviet Union came together against a common enemy. It was the immediate events after the War which lead to renewed tensions between the superpowers. Many commentators attribute the Berlin Blockade crisis of 1948 to be the catalyst that sparked the beginning of the Cold War. The Cold War period was a state of political and military tension running parallel with the development of nuclear weapons between the United States and the Soviet Union. The ideological differences between these two Superpowers put massive strain on their relationship. USA was democratic, capitalist state. Their ideals were heavily based on a classist society, where the means for producing and distributing goods is owned by a small minority of people (World Socialist Movement 2016). The Soviet Union’s communist ideals were at the other end of the spectrum. Their ideas were based around communal management and public ownership of major production mediums (Richard Dagger 2014). It is obvious that these ideologies are extremely different. Over the next four decades the world came close to
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