Ronald Reagan, The Great Communicator Of The United States Of America Essay

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Ronald Wilson Reagan, the great communicator of the United States of America began his legacy of embodying the conservative movement during one of the most famous speeches in American history. Before Ronald Reagan became the fortieth president of the United States, he began his switch from acting and movies to government and politics. Early in Reagan’s career he saw himself as a democrat, with Theodore Roosevelt as his hero. This would change thru his acting and professional career as Ronald Reagan announced that he would choose a different path. Ronald began his turn from Hollywood to Washington D.C. when he began to see his liberal/democratic views start to hurt the country in which he thought his views were being represented. In 1962, in a rally for Barry Goldwater the Republican Nominee for the 1964 election; Ronald Reagan gave one of the most prolific and famous speeches of all time “ A Time for Choosing.” In this speech Ronald Reagan showed the people of America a new side of himself where he believed small government, lower taxes, and the American spirit would allow for a new era of prosperity that the left wing had been holding back. Since the beginning of American government there have always been two distinct parties in which the people listen and side with the values that they believe in. For the last hundred years the two main parties have been Republicans and Democrats. Republicans having conservative values believe in a hands off government, lower taxes,
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