Ronald Reagan Was The Best President America

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Kelsi Bliss

Mr. Glaza

English II

23 April 2015

Do you believe Ronald Reagan was the best president America has ever had in office? Ronald Reagan brought a great recovery to America in the 1980s, 1983 to be exact. Reagan gave the military spending and increase. Reagan led to budget deficits and a more significant national debt. Reagan’s economic programs favored the rich. Ronald Reagan was one of America’s most valued presidents. He made a big change in society, Reagan made a difference; bringing peace and serenity throughout the nations. Ronald Reagan was the most influential and powerful president America has ever come to know.

Ronald Wilson Reagan was born on February 6, 1911. In Tampico, Illinois Reagan was the second of the sons to be born from their parents John “Jack” Edward Reagan and Nelle Wilson Reagan. Jack Reagan was a Democrat and was remembered for outspoken oppositions to racial discrimination. As for Reagan’s mother Nelle Reagan who was conservative, she gave sensational readings to people at women’s groups,jails and hospitals. During Reagan’s childhood it contained a sequence of moves. Then the Reagan family settled in Dixon, Illinois when Reagan was nine years old. Where Jack Reagan opened a shoe store, that business did not last very long. So then Jack Reagan later then held a negligible government job apportion relief checks during the Great Depression. Nelle Reagan was an heartfelt religious member of the Disciples of christ church Nelle
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