Ronald Reagan's Life and Accomplishments

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Ronald Reagan began his life in 1911 in Tampico, IL. When he was nine, his family moved to Dixon, IL where he grew up. His father owned a shoe store in town. His mother raised him with the fundamental belief in God that he carried with him throughout his life and presidency. He became a devout Christian and was very involved in his church. He was a very kind and caring boy and very much an introvert, something that he carried on later in life. He was very athletic, playing football and various other sports. However, when he was a young man, he became a lifeguard on the Rock River a few miles from Dixon. This is where he found what he was meant to rescue people (Reagan, n.d.). Reagan went to Eureka College and majored in…show more content…
He believed that a tax cut would stimulate the economy and help balance the budget. Reagan had the uncanny ability to project what he wanted and he trusted people to do it. Sometimes that backfired on him but for the most part, it stood firm. The “Power of Persuasion” was something that learned how to do well from his acting career (Reagan, n.d.). In March 1981, he was the victim of an assassination attempt. Afterwards, he became even more recluse than before. To say Reagan never had any friends was an understatement. He had acquaintances but never had any real friends outside of his wife, Nancy. This event changed him in more ways than one. He was much more evangelistic and more apt to prayer than ever before. He did bounce back physically and went straight back to work on the economic recovery. Reaganomics, as some people called it, was supposed to lead people out of hardship and instead it had the opposite effect, at least at first. He had to choose between a balanced budget or lose the strong military presence to fight against Communism. He absolutely refused to give in when it came to the military presence, so he gave up on the balanced budget. By 1982, the recession got stronger and the problem was that the military presence was so vast and cost so much that the American people started rioting and asking the President to slow defense spending so that the
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