Ronald Reagan's Positive Influences

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There were many influential individuals that shaped the world around what people do today in everyday life. In the 20th century, influential people either changed the way we lived today for the good or for the bad. One major political influential figure was Ronald Reagan. He has been credited with ending the cold war, which abolished many of the political and military tensions between the Eastern and Western Blocs. He called the former USSR government wicked and demanded for the Berlin Wall, that separated east and West Germany, to be torn down. I believe Ronald Reagan, a former double-termed president of the United States and actor, changed society for the better for his choices in politics and what he had done with the military and cold war. His actions shaped the world then and continue to do so now. His philosophy still dominates politics today as he is often quoted and referenced by current prominent leaders especially regarding fiscal policies. Ronald Reagan created a Strategic Defense Initiative that was intended to defend the United States from any nuclear weapon missile threat from other countries. This was proposed mainly to protect the U.S. from its extent threat, which was the Soviet Union at the time. Reagan wrote down in his diary addressing his Evil Empire Speech, “I did the bulk of the speech on why our arms build up was necessary and then finished with a call to the Science community to join me in research starting now to develop a defensive weapon that
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