Ronald Takaki The Harmful Myth Of Asian Superiority Summary

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In his article, “The Harmful Myth of Asian Superiority,” Ronald Takaki criticizes the stereotypes set for the Asian population living in America. Takaki engages and convinces the reader to see the reality of how Asians Americans live, and compares it to the stereotypes for Asians. Takaki leaves his readers with a completely different and opposite perspective on Asians and their “superiority” amongst other races in America. Through the way he has structured his essay, his word choice and simple language, as well as his consistent use of statistics and examples, Ronald Takaki is able to leave his audience to rethink their thoughts about Asian Americans and in fact, sympathize with them. Ronald Takaki starts his argument immediately by stating…show more content…
By using a clear and brief introduction, Takaki hooks his reader. Additionally, Ronald Takaki keeps his readers engaged and encourages them to keep reading. Moreover, by writing in short paragraphs, Takaki can eliminate unnecessary details and quickly introduce his audience to important information that readers can quickly comprehend. Also, throughout his essay, Takaki repeats the simple and clear message: "Most Asian Americans know their 'success' is largely a myth" (Takaki). In fact, he ends his essay with same words to ensure that his audience has fully understood the message he is trying to convey. Other than his condensed and organized essay structure, Takaki uses simple language and specific word choice to secure the audience’s attention. Takaki connects with the reader at the same level of English through his use of simple language. Thus, he helps his audience to comprehend and take in the information. Through his distinct use of word choice, Takaki gives the claim of “Asian superiority” and “their upward mobility”, criticism and depicts his view towards

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