Ronald Takaki, a History of Multicultural America

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Throughout history many ethnic cliques have experienced abuse and distrust from our American society. The people in America seem to be less understanding, and less willing to accept cultures different from their own, at least years ago. Groups such as the Indians, the African Americans, and the Immigrants, fall deeply into this category. The situations and struggles they have gone through are greatly explained in Ronald Takaki’s novel, “A Different Mirror, A History of a Multicultural America.” Although they have experienced a lot, particular financial and social configuration have changed, helping change our perspective of each civilization, for better or even worse. When the New England people set off to America to, “cultivate the…show more content…
Bacon was a white indentured servant who was frustrated in the ways of society. He decided to rebel creating the ” giddy multitude, ” [pg. 78] a group of white and black indentured servants who had enough, due to not being able to succeed in the fantasy life people created in America. This group greatly threatened the social order of Virginia. When the group had been defeated it became obvious to Captain Thomas Grantham that they needed to reduce their dependency on white laborers and focus more on Africans of which they could capture, and exploit. This also worked out in the best interest of the people of Virginia because they could deny the Africans right to bear arms due to their race. Africa became their primary source of labor. In 1674 slaves represented only 20% of households and by 1694 slaves represented about 48% of households, nearly half the population.
The American people did not see the African American people as people; rather beings that they could make plow their land, or farm their crops. It was always about them. As it was with the Indians, the American people used the African American people for their own personal gain. They also still believed in their theory of keeping America “white” and having people different from them served as a threat they decided to squash before any damage could be done.
The Immigrants that came to America experienced much similar situations with American abuse. Although one of the main differences of these situations
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