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Organizational Theory and Design Case Study Analysis Rondell Data Corporation Case Analysis Abstract: The analysis of Rondell Data Corporation situation and discrepancies that were experienced throughout the company life cycle will help understanding the theory and design of organizations . By exploring the background of the problem, organization 's functioning, the impact of organizational culture on the strategy and success of the company and problem identification, recommendations can be offered. Proposed solutions to the current discrepancies at Rondell Data Corporation will provide an increased understanding of the role of organizational structure related to the improvement and overall performance of a company. Rondell…show more content…
The disputes seem to center on the problem of new product introduction, and are focused on the engineering department. The engineering department is seen as being to blame for the etiology of the problems.The original Director of Engineering had held the position for 30 years. The current Director of Engineering, Frank Forbus, has only been in his position for 8 months. He has identified some communication issues between departments and upper management. In an attempt to rectify the communication problems, Forbus has instituted a new communication strategy with the production manager and the president concerning the latest product, the “802 Modulator.” During one of the meetings with the president and the production manager, the president interjects that a new “filtering design” will be added to the product with the expectation that engineering and production will solve any potential delays caused by this revision. Subsequently, the “802” design is shuttled back and forth between engineering and productionat least 4 times with the result of production staff assigned to another “rush” job. The company is faced with both internal dissatisfaction of employees and external dissatisfaction of their customers. Structure of the Engineering Function The outdated organizational structure of Rondell Data Corporation has contributed to much of the growing dissatisfaction . The organizational structure at Rondell follows a

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