Rondell Data Corporation

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Exam Answer — Rondell Data Corporation

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q1. What is your analysis of the situation at Rondell Data corporation?


Rondell Data Corporation is suffering from an extreme case of an innovative company that has let the technical aspect of its business processes overwhelm everything else. As a result, although continual innovation is essential for the company to remain competitive, the culture this has fostered has increasingly hindered its ability to make the products customers are demanding. This, combined an increasingly blame driven culture, is causing serious problems and hindering Rondell’s ability to ship on time. Forbus, having recently joined the company as manager of ESD Division (ESD), finds himself at the
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Thus the process changes Forbus might want to instigate may go against Hunt’s passion. In addition, it is clear that Hunt does not fully appreciate the depth of the organizational issues, his comment, “as long as you can talk calmly about the problem, I’m confident you can resolve it. .” illustrates this.
Furthermore, the recent problems over the manufacture of the 802 have damaged Forbus’ credibility throughout the organization. In addition, Forbus faces three key problems in running his own department : • ESD is decentralized making it difficult to take control and position himself as a leader. The 75 people he manages are scattered throughout the manufacturing and receiving areas, and aren’t loyal to him. As the case points out “even Don Naylor in QC would rather work [for production]”. Design, which he theoretically is in charge of, does not see him as the leader. • He has a morale problem, that if left unchecked will increase poor performance and accelerate attrition. In addition, because of the low esteem, ESD is held in throughout the organization, his engineers are “used below capacity” — this is a severe problem for him since engineers such as these need to be motivated by the excitement of the work. • His department has been marginalized and has little organization power it is sandwiched in the middle between research and production, both of which are run by powerful figures.
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