Roofing Houston : Green Benefits And Energy Savings

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Elastomeric Roof Coating | Commercial Roofing Dallas Green Benefits and Energy Savings An elastomeric roof coating provides commercial roofing in Dallas with a monolithic, fully adhered, fluid applied roofing membrane with the flexibility to expand and contract with temperature extremes and building movement without cracking or receiving other damage. In addition, it can be applied over any roofing substrate, and cures to form a completely seamless membrane sealing the entire roof, providing protection and prolonging the roof life. The benefits of an elastomeric “cool roof” are significant for the commercial buildings and its commercial roofing in Dallas. BENEFITS Roof Protection An elastomeric coating provides complete sealing of the…show more content…
Furthermore, due to its lightweight, the coating goes right on top of the existing roof, extending its lifespan, and eliminating the dump fees of completely replacing a roof. Energy Efficiency White elastomeric roof coating is popular due to its ability to reduce thermal transfer of heat by reflecting the sun’s rays away from the roof. This results in the HVAC system running less, saving on energy costs, while prolonging the system’s service life due to reduced wear. Other colors are available to complement your building 's appearance. However, white will provide the maximum energy savings, and prolongation of your building 's commercial roofing in Dallas. White elastomeric roof coating provides a solar reflectance of over 90% in the first year. The product offers superior strength, and is undamaged by the sun 's ultraviolet energy. In fact, ultraviolet rays enhance the curing of the product, while strengthening it. Elastomeric roof coating significantly reduces the electrical cost of cooling, and the building 's contribution to the "heat island effect", and will extend the existing roof 's lifespan. By providing a cooler roof, the interior temperature is cooler by as much as 20% during the summer, increasing the comfort of employees with less cooling required. According to the Department of Energy, a white elastomeric roof coating can improve energy efficiency by as much as 50%. Its reflection of UV rays provides effective ultraviolet
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