Rooftop Garden

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1.0 Introduction: World without green is a nightmare. Trees are utmost important to maintain ecological balance of the earth. Unfortunately greedy nature of human being causes earth to lose its green color by cutting down trees. As a result green house effect takes place and put human lives in great danger. Climate change being a hot issue in recent years. Ice in the North Pole is melting and the sea level height is increasing. Several countries of the world have already experienced the effect of climate change. In Bangladesh the picture is much more violent. Bangladesh is one of the main victims for this climate change. A country needs twenty five percent of its land occupied by forest to maintain its ecological balance. But here the…show more content…
Frequency distribution is used to know about the frequency of buying vegetables in a week and analyze place for buying vegetables. Cross-tabulation: Cross-tabulation is a statistical technique that describes two or more variables simultaneously and results in tables that reflect the joint distribution of two or more variables that have a limited number of categories or distinct values. Cross-tabulation technique is used to analyze buying frequency-amount spent. It is also used for income-occupation analyze and occupation-free time analyze. 1.4 Scope of the study: The study area was Dhaka metropolitan city. In the city area the house owners were the population. As this product needs to install in the roof top of the house. 2.0 Analysis & Findings: 2.1 Preference of Vegetables: 2.1.1 Summer Vegetables: In summer time vegetables’ variety are not so much like in winter. Limited number of vegetables is found in this season. Due to rain and other
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