Rooftop Gardening

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Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 Objectives 4 Mission Statement 4 VISION STATEMENT 5 Goals 5 Value Propositions 6 Functional Value 6 Financial Value 7 Intangible Value 7 Emotional Value 7 Equity Propositions 8 Functional Equity 8 Financial Equity 8 Intangible Equity 8 Emotional Equity 8 Value Communication Plan 9 Market Research 9 Current State of Roof Top Gardens in Dhaka City 10 Opportunities of Roof Top Garden Business in Dhaka City 12 Challenges for Roof Top Gardening Business in Dhaka City: 13 Risk Analysis 15 Internal Risk 15 External Risk 16 Decision 16 MARKETING STRATEGY 17 Product: 17 Pricing: 18 Placement: 19 Promotion: 19 SWOT Analysis: 20 Target…show more content…
The company is planning to start its business from the end of year 2012.
From installation to collection and to the final setup, we are deeply involved in guiding the products on their way. We are constantly alert to this process; we satisfy the highest international requirements in the areas of quality, hygiene, environmental protection, and safety and are therefore completely ISO certified. Furthermore, we devote a great deal of attention to traceability, we have a highly advanced tracking system, and we are able to provide detailed information at any time.
1. We want to extend your living area to the outdoors and re-inspire your urban lifestyle. 2. To deliver off season rare plants, vegetables and fruits in other season with superior quality. 3. To hold Bangladesh prides of customs, food culture, taste and nature-loving activity. 4. To introduce the modern technology in roof-top gardening system, and introduce a unique industry wide practice. 5. We want to deliver a wide range of plant types from organic rooftop vegetables to native prairies and intimate patios - we have the apparatus and capacity to bring your garden to life.

Mission Statement
Rooftopia is a customer driven company. Without a customer we do not exist. Our mission is to collect rare products and accessories, and execute services
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