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Room 101 As he sat stiff backed and upright in the hard wooden chair, Jotham looked around anxiously. He could only see three of the walls, and the ceiling, if he craned his neck upwards, but that was enough to make him very uneasy indeed. They were grey and bare - not silver grey, but a horrible murky grey, that made it seem like everything was closing in on him. The room was rectangular; not at all wide; there was perhaps a metre between him and the nearer two walls, but it was extremely lengthy; probably about fifteen metres long. On the wall facing him, Jotham could see a shiny black surface, a bit like a switched off television screen. He wasn't sure why, but for some reason it made him feel exceedingly edgy, and he kept shooting…show more content…
It must have been his attentiveness to the noises of the guards and man approaching. The mysterious figure clicked his fingers and one of the guards entered the room with a jug of water and a glass, and then went and stood to attention by the door. It was strange, Jotham contemplated, that if he had had to choose between being interrogated by the strange man or the guard, he would probably have chosen the latter. This man was different. When he had first come into the room, the air had seemed to get colder very rapidly. The man poured some water and held the glass to Jotham's lips. Jotham drank eagerly. When the glass was empty, it was taken away and given to the guard, who, after a salute to the man, turned on the heel of his brightly polished boot and exited, closing the door behind him. "Who, who are you?" he stuttered, able to speak again. "My name," replied the man in his gravely tones, "is John Winters". "I've never heard of you," Jotham puzzled - all of the main interrogators were feared and their names well known to all. "You have. You hear of me every day, every hour, every minute. You hear of me when the sun rises in the morning and when it sets again at night. I am the most important and powerful man in this whole world!" "No," Jotham whispered. "I don't believe you. You're not-" "Big Brother!" shouted Winters. "I am Big Brother!" He had gone mad, Jotham reflected. This man was crazy. "You're mad! And crazy" yelled Jotham, voicing his

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