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I am here today to convince you that the outrageously rude, belligerent, and hazardous road hogs also known as ‘cyclists in central London’ should be put into Room 101. Cyclists are impertinent, self centred people who feel that whatever they do is correct. They ride around on their annoying two wheeled children’s toys, which have no protection, and they render themselves invisible by refusing to wear reflective clothing.

The “Red light riders” are a mysterious bunch of clowns who travel day and night, acting innocently but eventually showing their true colours. Doesn’t it bother you that cyclists want to be classed as motorists but yet don’t follow simple instructions? Cyclists travelling through a red light are narrow minded, big
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Cyclists prowl the streets of London knowing that they cause problems to other motorists since a cycle is the least protected on the roads. No helmets, no florescent clothing, this is what makes cyclists not welcome in this city. According to the Department of Transport 24 out of 112 road accidents in 2008 were cyclists. This just shows the threat that cyclists can pose to other motorists in central London. The deaths of cyclists increases each year, this shows how vital it is to put all cyclists in Room 101.

The bad mannered, foul mouthed cyclists have no respect for others. From personal experiences, I have witnessed verbal abuse from a cyclist to another motorist; the car horned for him to move from the middle and cycle on the left, where he should be! The cyclist was completely furious with what the motorist had done; this aggression and volatile behaviour shows that they are not worthy of having the privilege of cycling on the roads of London. We can make a difference by banishing them to Room 101, as citizens of London, we can make the difference.

No helmet, no safety clothing, what is the world coming too? Wearing safe clothing is an issue but not wearing a helmet is just absolute nonsense. The clothing is as important as a helmet since it is reflective or padded to protect major organs and even joints and bones. According to the Department of Transport most injuries to cyclists are to the shoulders, arms and

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