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LO 1: 1.1 Given the scope and scale of the Rooms Division operations of the new property, identify and discuss the different type of accommodation and front office services need to be offered and analyse the roles and responsibilities of the accommodation and reception service staff. 1.2 Evaluate the type of services provided by the room’s division department in a range of accommodation facilities such as hotels, holiday camps or university campuses and discuss the legal and statutory requirements that apply to rooms division operations in the UK. …………………………………………………………………………….. 5-8 LO 2: 2.1 Assess the role and importance of the front of house area in the effective management of a
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As a manager, he/she has as duties, according to Bardl (2011)” to plan, control and direct all the expenses together with issues associate with revenues”.

Night auditor
The night auditor job is part of front office department and has responsibilities as any other employee who is working on front desk. For example at Aloft London Excel, the night auditor person has few jobs to complete during the shift time. Andrews (2009) states that the night auditor is responsible with “posting charges several services and goods provided to the customer” while Pizam (2010) suggest that a night auditor “is responsible to perform the duties of closing the files or books for customer’s bills”. A night auditor job also include:
Duties of balancing the accounts for the quests.
Performs completion of day to day reports which include revenue statistics and hotel occupancy
As a receptionist is really important to be friendly and to have a good attitude for the customers, like a smiling face. It is also a job who requires to be extremely organised and involves more that picking up the phone. A receptionist should be the eyes and the ears of the organisation, to coordinate the deliveries, to organise travel arrangements for staff and to know as well what meetings
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