Room Divisions

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H&C-3-730 Rooms Division Management

Topic 1

Management Functions in Rooms Division

Learning Objectives
Explain the major role of rooms division in a hotel.
Identify the roles and responsibilities of rooms division manager.
Describe the management process in terms of the seven functions of rooms division managers perform to achieve organizational objectives.

Reference text:
Kasavana ML, Brooks RM, Managing Front Office Operations, 8th edition, American Hotel & Lodging
Educational Institute, 2009, chapter 2 and 12.
Reference website: Topic 1
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Management Functions in Rooms Division
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Resources available to managers include people, money, time, materials, energy, and equipment. All are in limited supply. An important part of a rooms division manager’s job involves planning how to apply these limited resources to attain the department’s objectives. An equally important part of the job is evaluating the success of rooms division activities in meeting the department’s objectives.
Overview of the Management Process


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